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Plant Protection Products (PPPs), also known as pesticides, are chemical or biological substances used to control unwanted pests that can harm our food, health or environment.

Crop Protection

Biotechnology encompasses a broad range of crop technologies - including conventional and advanced breeding techniques such as Gene Editing. These innovations are designed to promote and support the sustainable intensification of agriculture by tackling challenges such as pests, diseases and the impact of climate change.


When it comes to managing pests it's about taking an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. Whilst synthetic plant protection products (PPPs) remain an important part of that approach, they are not the only tool available to farmers.


Digital and precision agriculture encompasses a range of innovations and techniques designed to make farming more accurate and controlled.

Digital & Precision Agriculture

Our Mission

Promoting the essential role of science and innovation in protecting food, parks, gardens, sports pitches, roads and railways. Representing the innovators, developers and providers of the crop solutions essential to sustainable productive agriculture. Meeting the challenge of ensuring a reliable supply of healthy, safe, affordable food, whilst reducing impact on the environment and leaving space for nature.

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