In a recent piece on Comment Central, the CEO has voiced concerns the next PM must consider.

CropLife UK CEO , Dave Bench, has been published on Comment Central “The next Prime Minister must prioritise effective food and farming policy” detailing priorities for the next PM. Food security remains a major issue as we confront spiralling inflation. Recognising the delicate position both farmers and consumers are in, CropLife UK has been active in raising innovation as a key part of the solution.

We need to see an evidence-based approach in making policy. Research published in 2019 by the agronomist Séan Rickard on behalf of CropLife found that that the average UK family grocery bill could rise by more than £786 over the course of a year without the use of PPP’s. Farmers and growers need the full toolbox of options if they are to produce safe, nutritious and affordable food.
The government is taking steps in the right direction with the Precision Breeding Bill. This is an important first step in providing a route to market for technology which will see more productive and robust agriculture. As the UK steps away from EU regulation in this space, we have a real opportunity to lead the way in agricultural innovation.
CropLife CEO, Dave Bench, commented:

“A holistic approach to food and farming policy must sit at its heart. If not, the opportunities presented by Brexit will be missed, and agricultural innovation will not be able to play its full role in meeting the challenges that lie ahead for food security in the UK.”
Ultimately, innovation and forward thinking will be key to resolving problems surrounding food security and climate change. The next PM must embrace agricultural technologies and give growers the widest range of tools when considering our food and farming policy.