From the 15th of November 2021, the Crop Protection Association will operate under a new name: CropLife UK. We will also expand our scope to cover a wider range of technologies and innovations. In addition to Plant Protection Products (PPPs), we will also cover biopesticides, plant biotechnology and digital and precision agriculture.

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Dave Bench, CEO of CropLife UK said,

“It is an exciting time in agriculture, a time when advances in science and technology are coming to the fore to help ensure a supply of healthy, affordable food, whilst reducing impact on the environment and leaving space for nature.

“Our members businesses are evolving, and we are changing to keep pace with that evolution. Our members are increasingly offering growers a range of crop solutions to support them, within an Integrated Pest Management framework, to grow food using less resource.

“Innovation in agri-tech has a fundamental role to play in meeting one of the great challenges of our time, helping farmers grow healthy, affordable and sustainable food whilst responding to the challenges of climate change and delivering benefits to the environment. We are excited about this new chapter in our organisational history and look forward to representing our members on the whole integrated range of crop solutions they offer.”

The scope of CropLife UK will encompass a wider range of topics, representing a more complete picture of modern agriculture and our members offerings, including:

  • Plant Protection Products (PPPs) and biopesticides used in organic, conservation (low till, no till), agroforestry and conventional agriculture.
  • Precision and digital applications which enable delivery of the minimum amount of product, at the right place, at the right time.
  • Plant biotech traits that will enable crops to thrive in difficult conditions using less resources or provide greater nutritional benefit in people’s diets.




For further information please contact: 


Adam Speed,  

Director of Public Affairs

CropLife UK


07884 586400


Notes for Editors 

The Crop Protection Association (CPA) was formed in 2000, having previously been known as the British Agrochemicals Association.

CropLife UK is an associate member of CropLife Europe and part of the CropLife International global network.

CropLife UK is the voice of the UK plant science industry.

Promoting the essential role of science and innovation in protecting food, parks, gardens, roads and railways.

Advocating good stewardship, better regulation and best practice.

Our members are involved in the development and manufacture of a wide range of crop solutions which are of crucial importance to the cultivation and protection of food crops, protecting our gardens, woodlands, infrastructure and public places.

These include the formulation and manufacture of synthetic and bio pesticides, seed and plant breeding, agricultural biotechnology and digital and precision agriculture.

We are made up of 23 member companies that develop and manufacture innovative products and agricultural technologies that help farmers grow healthy crops, protecting our food supply against the pests, weeds and diseases that would otherwise cause us to lose between 30-40% of our food.

As well as agriculture and horticulture our members also provide solutions for home and garden use, helping improve our lawns, vegetable plots and ornamentals; and for use in the amenity sector maintaining our transport and public infrastructure, from roads and railways, to parks, golf courses and sports grounds.

The Agricultural Biotechnology Council (ABC) will continue to operate as normal and will be part of CropLife UK.