CropLife UK is the voice of the UK crop solutions industry.

Promoting the essential role of science and innovation in protecting food, parks, gardens, roads and railways.

Advocating good stewardship, better regulation and best practice.

Our members are involved in the development and manufacture of a wide range of crop solutions which are of crucial importance to the cultivation and protection of food crops, protecting our gardens, woodlands, infrastructure and public places.

These include the formulation and manufacture of synthetic and bio pesticides, seed and plant breeding, agricultural biotechnology and digital and precision agriculture, while our associate members provide services to the crop protection aspect of our industry.

Our members develop and manufacture innovative products and agricultural technologies that help farmers grow healthy crops, protecting our food supply against the pests, weeds and diseases that would otherwise cause us to lose between 30-40% of our food.

As well as agriculture and horticulture our members also provide solutions for home and garden use, helping improve our lawns, vegetable plots and ornamentals; and for use in the amenity sector maintaining our transport and public infrastructure, from roads and railways, to parks, golf courses and sports grounds. 

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